Investor Relations

We address the various information requirements of the investing public through our Investor Communications and Compliance Division, which reports directly to the Chief Finance Officer (CFO).


Quarterly Briefings and One-on-one Meetings

We conduct quarterly briefings for both equity and credit analysts and communicate directly with institutional and individual investors through one-on-one meetings, conference calls and written communications such as electronic mail.

Analysts and investors who are unable to attend our quarterly briefings in person are also invited to participate through a teleconference facility. A podcast of the quarterly briefing is also made available in the IR website

We also have a continuing program of enhancing our Investor Relations website, which includes the podcasts of our quarterly briefings.


Property Tours and Site Visits

Ayala Land welcomes analysts and investors to have an actual visit of various Ayala Land property developments on a scheduled basis.


Roadshows and Conferences

Throughout the year, our President and CEO, CFO, Head of Investor Communications and Compliance, and other members of senior management (where appropriate) make themselves available for meetings with institutional investors through pre-arranged company visits, teleconferences, analyst briefings and periodically join investor conferences and non-deal roadshows held locally and internationally to ensure regular discussions with institutional shareholders.

In 2017, senior management met with institutional investors and fund managers in 11 conferences and corporate day events held in Manila, Singapore, Hong Kong, New York and the United Kingdom.


Media Briefings

Our Corporate Communications Division engages the media on a regular basis through multiple channels such as media conferences, briefings, news releases, fact sheets, social gatherings, one-on-one meetings and through third-party consultants. We occasionally support media initiated causes and events that are aligned with our principles and advocacies.


Integrated Annual Report

Our annual report, includes information on our financial, operational, and
sustainability performance. As mandated by management, we engage an independent third-party organization to externally assure our annual reports to confirm the accuracy of our disclosures.