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Ayala Land Sustainability Report 2015

We have the pleasure of presenting Ayala Land’s ninth sustainability report. This report complements our 2015 Annual Report where our financial results and corporate governance practices are discussed. This year, we adapt a new approach where we report our sustainability performance in terms of our Four Focus Areas: Site Resilience, Pedestrian-Transit Connectivity, Eco-efficiency, and Local Economic Development.

This approach enables us to provide a comprehensive discussion on how we embed sustainability in the way we conduct the business. We also recognize that an empowered organization is critical to the growth and sustainability of the Company. We include a section on our efforts in enabling our people to integrate sustainable practices in their line of work.

This report covers the economic, environmental, and social performance and impact of Ayala Land and its wholly owned subsidiaries. The specific boundary and business units for which certain performance indicators are most material and applicable is specified in the GRI Content Index. This covers performance data from our operations in the Philippines from January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2015. For comparison, data from previous years are included where available.

This report was prepared in accordance with the Core GRI G4 guidelines, and was externally assured by DNV-GL using the DNV-GL Report Verification Protocol (VeriSustain) covering economic, environmental, governance, and social indicators.

We value sustainability and it has already become part of the company’s philosophy. Here at Ayala Land, sustainability means building communities that not only meet the diverse needs of existing customers but also thrive for future generations by offering environmentally sensitive products and designs. We are committed to uplifting the lives of people in these communities through our sustainable practices and developments.

As part of our thrust in nation-building, we are moving forward in our efforts to make sustainability a purposeful and consistent part of everything it does – from the choices it makes in terms of land acquisitions, to the masterplanning of our communities and townships, to the development and management of our products to incorporate the features of our four sustainability focus areas. Our projects are designed to be site resilient, pedestrian and transit connected, eco-efficient and to contribute to local economic development.