Conflict of Interest Policy

Conflict of Interest

The Ayala Land also ensures that its independent directors hold no conflict of interest with the Corporation. Independent directors are required to submit to the Corporate Secretary a letter of confirmation stating that they hold no interest in companies affiliated with the Corporation and the management or controlling shareholders of the Corporation at the time of their election or appointment and/or re-election as independent directors.

The Corporation requires directors and key management personnel to abstain and/or inhibit themselves from participating in discussions on a particular agenda item when they are conflicted. Before entering into a related party transaction, the Management shall report to the Audit Committee each new or proposed related party transaction for review and approval.

The Audit Committee shall review all the information reported by the Management and shall consider all of the relevant facts and circumstances available. The Audit Committee shall approve related party transactions before their commencement. However, material or significant related party transactions will have to be endorsed by the Audit Committee to the Board for approval. Materiality thresholds applicable to related party transactions are to be defined and endorsed by the Audit Committee to the Board.

The Board may, at its option, require that a related party transaction it has approved, be also submitted to the stockholders for consideration and ratification.

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ALI Conflict of Interest Policy