Subsidiaries and Affiliates

Ayala Land, Inc. Subsidiaries and Affiliates

(as of March 2018)


Real Estate:
Alveo Land Corporation (Alveo)100%
 Serendra, Inc.39
 Solinea, Inc. (Solinea)65
 BGSouth Properties, Inc. (BGS)50
 Portico Land Corp. (Portico)60
Serendra, Inc.28
Amorsedia Development Corporation100
 OLC Development Corporation and Subsidiary100
 HLC Development Corporation100
 Allysonia International Ltd.100
Avida Land Corporation (Avida)100
 Buklod Bahayan Realty and Development Corp.100
 Avida Sales Corp. and Subsidiaries100
 Amicassa Process Solutions, Inc.100
 Avencosouth Corp. (Avencosouth)70
 BGNorth Properties, Inc. (BGN)50
Amaia Land Co. (Amaia)100
 Amaia Southern Properties, Inc. (ASPI)65
AyalaLand Premier, Inc. ****100
Ayala Land International Sales, Inc. (ALISI)100
 Ayalaland International Marketing, Inc. (AIMI)100
 Ayala Land International (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.100
 Ayalaland International Marketing (Hong Kong) Limited          (ALIM HK)100
 Ayala Land International Marketing , SRL  (ALIM SRL)100
 Ayala Land International Marketing  London100
Ayala Land Sales, Inc.100
Southportal Properties, Inc.65
Buendia Landholdings, Inc.100
Crans Montana Holdings, Inc.100
Crimson Field Enterprises, Inc.100
Ecoholdings Company, Inc. (ECI)100
NorthBeacon Commercial Corporation NBCC)100
Red Creek Properties, Inc.100
Regent Time International, Limited (Regent Time) (British Virgin Islands)100
North Eastern Commercial Corp.(formerly Asterion Technopod, Incorporated) (NECC)100
Westview Commercial Ventures Corp. (formerly Crestview E-Office Corporation) (Westview)100
North Ventures Commercial Corp. (formerly Fairview Prime Commercial Corp. (formerly Gisborne Property Holdings, Inc.)100
Hillsford Property Corporation (HPC)100
Primavera Towncentre, Inc. (PTI)100
Summerhill E-Office Corporation (Summerhill)100
Sunnyfield E-Office Corporation (Sunnyfield)100
Subic Bay Town Centre, Inc.100
Regent Wise Investments Limited (Regent Wise) (Hongkong company)100
 AyalaLand Real Estate Investments Inc.100
 AyalaLand Advisory Broadway Inc.100
 AyalaLand Development (Canada) Inc.100
 AyalaLand OpenAsia Holdings  PTE, Limited100
 Blue Horizons  Holdings  PTE, Limited100
 Modular Construction Technology (MCT) Bhd.66
AyalaLand Commercial REIT, Inc. (ALCRI)100
Arvo Commercial Corporation (Arvo)100
BellaVita Land Corporation (BellaVita)100
Nuevo Centro, Inc. (Nuevo Centro)55
 Alviera Country Club, Inc. (Alviera)***50
Cavite Commercial Town Center, Inc.100
AyalaLand Offices, Inc. (ALO) (formerly ALI Property Partners Corp. (APPCo)100
 One Dela Rosa Property Development, Inc.100
 First Gateway Real Estate Corp.100
 Glensworth Development, Inc. (Glensworth)100
 UP North Property Holdings, Inc.100
ALO Prime Realty Corporation100
Makati Cornerstone Leasing Corp. (MCLC) ****100
Arca South Commercial Ventures Corp. ****100
Capitol Central Commercial Ventures Corp. ****100
Bay City Commercial Ventures Corp. (BCCVC) ****100
Laguna Technopark, Inc. (LTI)75
 Ecozone Power Management, Inc.75
Aurora Properties Incorporated (API) 80
 Soltea Commercial Corp.16
Vesta Property Holdings, Inc.70
Altaraza Prime Realty Corporation (Altaraza)100
Prow Holdings Inc. (Prow)55
Station Square East Commercial Corporation (SSECC)69
Next Urban Alliance Development Corp.100
Accendo Commercial Corp. (Accendo)67
 Avencosouth Corp.20
 Aviana Development Corporation7
Aviana Development Corporation50
Cagayan de Oro Gateway Corp. (CDOGC)70
Ceci Realty, Inc. (Ceci)60
 Soltea Commercial Corp.12
Soltea Commercial Corp.60
CMPI Holdings, Inc.60
 CMPI Land, Inc.36
ALI-CII Development Corporation (ALI-CII)50
Roxas Land Corporation (RLC)50
Adauge Commercial Corporation (Adauge)60
AyalaLand Estates, Inc.(formerly Southgateway Development Corp. (SDC)100
Ayalaland MetroNorth, Inc. (AMNI)100
Verde Golf Development Corporation100
North Triangle Depot Commercial Corporation (NTDCC)73
BGWest Properties, Inc. (BGW)50
Lagdigan Land Corporation60
Central Block Developers, Inc (CBDI)35
Cebu Holdings, Inc. (CHI)72
 Cebu Property Ventures Development Corp (CPVDC) and Subsidiaries63
 Cebu Leisure Company, Inc.72
 CBP Theatre Management Inc.72
 Taft Punta Engaño Property Inc. (TPEPI)40
 Cebu Insular Hotel Company, Inc. (CIHCI)27
 Solinea, Inc.25
 Amaia Southern Properties, Inc. (ASPI)25
 Southportal Properties, Inc.25
 Central Block Developers, Inc. (CBDI)**41
Alabang Commercial Corporation (ACC)50
 South Innovative Theater Management  (SITMI)50
ALI Commercial Center Inc.100
Prime Orion Philippines Inc. (POPI)66
 FLT Prime Insurance Corp.43
 Orion Solutions, Inc66
 Orion I Holdings Philippines, Inc.66
 OE Holdings, Inc.66
 Orion Land Inc.66
Ayalaland Malls Synergies, Inc.100
Ayala Land Malls, Inc. (formerly Solerte, Inc.)100
 AyalaLand Malls Vismin, Inc.100
 AyalaLand Malls NorthEast, Inc.100
Makati Development Corporation  (MDC)100
 MDC – Subic, Inc.100
 MDC – Build Plus, Inc.100
 MDC Conqrete, Inc. (MCI)100
 MDC Equipment Solutions, Inc. (MESI)100
 MDBI Construction Corp. (formerly MDC Triangle)(MBDI) ****67
Hotels and Resorts: 
Ayala Hotels, Inc. (AHI)50
AyalaLand Hotels and Resorts Corporation  (AHRC) and Subsidiaries100
 ALI Makati Hotel & Residences, Inc.  (AMRH) (formerly KHI-ALI Manila, Inc.)80
 ALI Makati Hotel Property, Inc. (formerly KHI Manila Property, Inc.)80
 Regent Horizons Conservation Company, Inc. and SubsidiaryAsian Conservation Company Limited and Subsidiary100
 Enjay Hotels, Inc. (Enjay)100
 Greenhaven Property Venture, Inc. (GPVI)100
 Cebu Insular Hotel Company, Inc. (CIHCI)63
 Bonifacio Hotel Ventures, Inc.100
 Southcrest Hotel Ventures, Inc.67
 Northgate Hotel Ventures, Inc.70
 North Triangle Hotel Ventures, Inc.100
 Ecosouth Hotel Ventures, Inc.100
 Sentera Hotel Ventures Inc.100
 Econorth Resorts Ventures, Inc.100
 ALI Triangle Hotel Ventures, Inc.100
 Circuit Makati Hotel Ventures, Inc.100
 Capitol Centre Hotel Ventures, Inc.100
 Arca South Hotel Ventures, Inc.100
 Sicogon Town Hotel, Inc.100
 Bay Area Hotel Ventures, Inc.****100
 Makati North Hotel Ventures, Inc. (MNHVI)****100
 One Makati Hotel Ventures, Inc. (OMHVI)****100
 Sicogon Island Tourism Estate, Corp.100
ALI Makati Hotel & Residences, Inc.  (formerly KHI-ALI Manila, Inc.)20
ALI Makati Hotel Property, Inc. (formerly KHI Manila Property, Inc.)20
 Ten Knots Phils., Inc. (TKPI)60
 Bacuit Bay Development Corporation60
 Lio Resort Ventures Inc.60
 North Liberty Resort Ventures Inc.60
 Paragua Eco-Resort Ventures Inc.60
 Lio Tourism Estate Management Corporation60
Ten Knots Development, Corp. (TKDC)60
 Chirica Resorts Corp.60
 Kingfisher Capital Resources Corp.60
 Pangalusian Island Resort Corporation60
Property Management:
Ayala Property Management Corporation (APMC)100
 Prime Support Services, Inc.100
Ayala Theatres Management, Inc. and Subsidiaries100
DirectPower Services, Inc. (DirectPower)100
Philippine Integrated Energy Solutions, Inc. (PhilEnergy)100
Five Star Cinema, Inc.100
Leisure and Allied Industries Philippines, Inc. (LAIP)50
Others:, Inc. (ALInet)100
First Longfield Investments Limited (First Longfield) (Hongkong company)100
 Green Horizons Holdings Limited100
Aprisa Business Process Solutions, Inc. (Aprisa)100
AyalaLand Club Management, Inc.100
ALI Capital Corp. (formerly Varejo Corp.)100
 Integrated Eco-resort Inc.100
 Airswift Transport, Inc.(formerly Island Transvoyager, Inc.)( Airswift)100
Arca South Integrated Terminal, Inc.100
Whiteknight Holdings, Inc. (WHI)100
Ayalaland Medical Facilities Leasing Inc. (Ayala Land Healthcare Leasing Inc.)100
Anvaya Cove Beach and Nature Club, Inc. (Anvaya Cove Beach)***73
Anvaya Cove Golf and Sports Club, Inc. (Anvaya Cove Golf)***76